A T A L A N T A The Greek Goddess of running. Her name means “equal in weight”….


The Greek Goddess of running. Her name means “equal in weight”. She was a fierce hunter and valued her freedom over everything. The creation of this artwork was, as usual, organic yet subconsciously, universally aligned with a journey I began almost a year ago. Running a marathon was my ultimate goal. The timing was perfect: 2024, numerologically, is a magical number! I committed to an intense training schedule – pushing my body outside of her comfort zone. The physical benefits were obvious. The real gift was reinforcing the notion that I can achieve anything I desire through discipline and consistency. The events of April 7th, 2024 will forever be etched in my mind. I got to tangibly see and feel what I am made of. While training, I went through moments of self-doubt but I remembered that, genetically, I am predisposed to running long distances. Mind over matter. I pushed through the pain; I reveled in the joy and freedom of the moment. Running @ParisMarathon was one of the greatest achievements of my life – second to the births of my daughters.

I dedicate this to Chiara Lola and Siena Lorenza: the eternal loves of my life. Everything I do is for you. To my family who supported my “Marathon For A Cause” fundraising as part of the @SecoursPopParis Team, I am forever grateful: Matic, Gregor, Demarcus, Lucy, Pierre, Laïla, Rachel, Wambui, Mersedeh, Théo, Josh, Patrick & Phoebe. Your support showed me the power of love and our collective consciousness. We did it!!

A special thanks to my dearest Théo: Your kindness, generosity, words of wisdom and encouragement brought me through. It was, indeed, a beautiful ride. ❤️

And lastly, and by no means least: thank you @joshzitomer! My multi-hyphenate: trainer extraordinaire for almost 20 years; dear friend; confidant; sometimes therapist, and all-round amazing human being. You taught me life lessons through fitness and how the mind and body are connected to achieving anything we desire. “Smile through the cries,” you said. Energy and perspective is everything. And here we are! On to the next 😄

Congratulations to everyone who endured this challenge. I love you ALL! ❤️
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