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#REPOST @showme_yourmask with @get__repost__app “Over the last seven years, the Army has returned 34 children’s remains back to their relatives. Each project has been conducted over about a month-long period during the summer by a team of professionals from the Army Corps of Engineers’ Center of Expertise for Curation. The team worked with tribal nations to carry out the process of exhuming and identifying each child’s remains.

“It’s special, but it’s hard,” Emma Filestell, the Fort Belknap Tribe’s deputy tribal historic preservation officer, told Native News Online about her tribe’s upcoming returns. Filestel traveled with a tribal delegation from Montana to Carlisle in September 2023 to initiate the process of return for their ancestors. “It’s going to be good to have them home,” she said.

Overall, negotiating the return of their ancestors with the Office of Army Cemeteries has been relatively smooth for her tribe, Filestell said. This marks a significant departure from a process previous tribes have criticized as culturally “tone deaf.”
“After all the [other] tribes that fought for this before us, there’s actually no barriers up for us,” Filestell said. She said that everything Fort Belknap has asked the Army for, including specific ceremonial protocols, and vehicles to caravan back to Montana with after the disinterment, the Army has agreed to, without hesitation. “It’s making it easier for us,” she said.

The Fort Belknap delegation requested the return of four relatives, but only three will be returned this year.

The fourth ancestor, Solomon Brown, won’t be coming home in September. That’s because Brown is one of the children buried under a headstone marked “Unknown”, the result of apparent mismanagement of the cemetery over the decades. That includes 1927, when the U.S. Army dug up the remains of Carlisle’s Indian children and moved their graves to an area next to the barracks entrance to make room for development.”
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