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#REPOST @survivalinternational with @get__repost__app 🚨 Brazil: Indigenous Marubo people from Javari Valley, home to more uncontacted peoples than anywhere else on Earth, have warned of more evidence of invasion by unwelcome outsiders, most likely illegal hunters. @Univaja

Opi (Observatory of the Human Rights of Isolated and Recently Contacted Indigenous Peoples) has also said: “The Marubo people of the region have already reported to the authorities (FUNAI) several times about invaders in the Indigenous Territory, also drawing attention to the risks of conflict both with Indigenous people in villages and with uncontacted tribes. No action has been taken so far.”

In June 2022, an expert on Indigenous people, Bruno Pereira, and British journalist Dom Phillips were murdered in the Javari Valley. The terrible crime raised international awareness of the violence and impunity that reign there, and highlighted how decades of government neglect have allowed criminal gangs to take over the territory.

Even with the new Lula government and after top-level discussions in 2023 about a protection plan for the Javari Valley, the situation is still far from being resolved.

Outsiders who invade Indigenous territories risk bringing diseases, violence and destruction. Malaria, tuberculosis, coronavirus and even the flu are a major threat to uncontacted people who have no immunity against common diseases and could be completely decimated by them.

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