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#REPOST @waterprotectorlegal with @get__repost__app In times of challenge and uncertainty, as Indigenous Peoples we often seek strength and guidance from our Creator through prayer and ceremony. This is an understanding that at WPLC, as an Indigenous-led law firm and advocacy organization dedicated to serving the Earth, our relatives, and community, we bring to our practice of law. 

As the parole hearing for Indigenous Political Prisoner, Elder Leonard Pelter, approaches this Monday, June 10th, we join our relatives at @ndncollective, @therednationmovement, and @nativeorganizersalliance in calling for something deeper and more profound than colonial law–that is unity of intention and prayer.

From today through June 10th (Day of Prayer for Peltier), we ask that you join us in asking Creator for protection, strength, and above all, freedom for Mr. Peltier so he can return home and once more feel the green grass beneath his feet and live out his elder years with his family and community. 

There is power in collective spirit and intention. Our community reminds us that we are not alone in our journey and that our ancestors are guiding us toward justice and healing.

Together we can overcome any obstacle and continue to uphold the values and traditions that define us.

Photo by WPLC Executive Director @nsegovia at Pine Ridge on June 2, 2024.

#FreePeltier #FreeLeonardPeltier

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